Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fresh Palette

Hello all! I have seriously missed blogging and its great to be back. However, I'm not going to be blogging here anymore due to a number of reasons i wont bore you with. My new blog is Feel free to turn your loyalty to it by following and commenting!! Its going to be more personal than this and it goes beyond fashion as i have so very many interests. Thank you to all that have been commenting and urging me to get back to blogging. I'm Back!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good old fashion rant

this post is very out of the blue, i figured instead of clogging up my timeline with fashion banter, i might aswell blog it since my readers would appreciate it more. a particular tweet caught my eye (in the picture above)
you can't argue to truth to these words. i remember a few months back a designer updated her facebook page saying she contacted a known Nigerian website on featuring her designs and they dismissed her designs as regular and sometime later after she had been featured in the british elle magazine, they contacted her saying they now understood her aesthetic. the main issue here is they saw value in her work after international approval. of course it is not uncommon in countries specially developing countries to appreciate a work more because of international recognition. but is this really right.
it is amazing that as our fashion industry is developing so is the politics within it growing. it is sad how we don't want to appreciate our own, negativity is in every corner of the industry, we are quick to criticise a questionable work than we are to appreciate the good ones.
i think for Nigeria not only the fashion industry to develop properly. we need to be more mature in our thinking and be more supportive of our nation as a whole. there is a whole lot more to be written but i'll keep this short by saying be Nigerian not only in your international passport but by your actions and thoughts. the power to move this country to the next level lies in our hands..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Maju L'amour Collection Launch

The Maju event which held at ember creek yesterday was packed with shoppers just like their le petit marche stall. its good to see Nigerian fashion taking interest in the hearts of many young people. The mc of the event was Mofe Duncan of peak talent hunt show and media coverage of 360 nobs and WOTN (we own the night).

The Exhibition

they deal with jewelry making and also make custom jewels


my favorite






I apologize the pictures below are quite blurry cause i took them with my blackberry as my camera (which is no dslr) battery went off

Took quick snaps of a few things that caught my eye;

cheetah skin slingbacks

three toned suede pumps

Of course I copped myself a maju bag (it was the last one of its type, lucky me) as well and carrot pants.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Save the date: Maju Collection Launch

Maju a brand designed by Motunrayo Jimoh is having their first fashion show and revealing their new collection at the ember creek awolowo road, ikoyi lagos, this sunday which is the 20th. You can check their previous collection. there is also going to be a sale and exhibiton featuring jewelry designs by I.N.O by Ronke Oduniyi and t-shirts by thots on tees by Micheal Chibong and make-up by Face it.
 here are some of the products that will be exhibited;



Thots on Tees